Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Business 101: "Do you have a minute?"

Well it's almost here.....the start of school. And you know what that means!

SALES! (insert thunderous clapping and shouting here)

So let's relieve some anxiety...

I read recently that successful people not only write down their goals...they make them attainable AND do some physical action to help achieve their goals.

So...if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and need some suggestions for helping your success in the next coming weeks....

Here are 50 easy "physical actions" you can do:

1) Join a collaborative board.
2) Host a collaborative board.
3) Join a "Linky Party".
4) Host a "Linky Party".
5) Join in on a discussion in the forums .
6) Start a discussion in the forums.
7) Pin a product.
8) Pin someone else's product.
9) Rearrange your Pinterest boards.
10) Improve a product title.
11) Improve your banner.
12) Improve your avatar.
13) Improve a description.
14) Improve that space where you put your quotes.
15) Write a blog post.
16) Comment on a blog post.
17) Redo a cover.
18) Add a link to another related product in your description.
19) Improve a category name.
20) Add a category name.
21) Think of a new product.
22) Create a new product.
23) List a new product.
24)Record your statistics.
25) Create a Facebook page.
26) Join a Facebook page.
27) Add a product to your Facebook page.
28) Add an anecdote to your Facebook page.
29) Start a Twitter account.
30) "Tweet" about a product.
31) Order cheap or free business cards.
32) Hand someone your business card.
33) Add your store's name/URL to your email signatures.
34) Follow someone on Pinterest.
35) Follow someone on Facebook.
36) Follow someone on Twitter.
37)Enter a product to the newsletter.
38)Welcome someone new on the "Introduce Yourself" forum.
39) Create a fresh "Free" product.
40) Create a giveaway celebration.
41) Read through the different forums.
42) Read different blogs.
43) Read past newsletters from TpT.
44) Learn a new tip about technology.
45) Learn a new educational topic.
46) Learn a new business tip.
47)Write down your goals for the next month.
48) Write down your goals for the next week.
49) Write down your goals for the next day.
50) Give yourself a pat on the back for all the things you accomplish.

    Rebecca  :)


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