Monday, July 22, 2013

"In a Flash!" Business Tip #3

I know a lot of you have blogs or are considering starting a blog.

A blog can be a powerful tool to get potential customers to your products.  Using "Educational Based Marketing" on your blogs can turn people who just see and look at your products on your people who want to actually BUY your products.

A lot of teachers, parents, and educational professionals are constantly searching the internet for information that you may be able to provide from being an educator.  Share that knowledge!

Using posts to relay useful information that can easily segue into your products is a great way to build your reputation as a knowledgeable resource. This can transfer to creating a great customer base who not only respects your insights and information, but trusts and uses your products!

Here is a great article that goes more in depth about "Educational Based Marketing": … marketing/


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