Sunday, June 23, 2013

Business 101: A Business Article Designed with You in Mind!

This Business 101 will provide you with:

*Effective ways to write your product descriptions in your store.
*How to choose words that fit your target market.
*What kinds of keywords are best.
*What features to focus on in your writing.
*Why a good description has a good "wrap-up".

You've got a great product. Your marketing efforts are really paying off. And now, people are coming to your store to look at your items.

The question is....are your product descriptions helping to make your sales?

Take advantage of the slower months in the summer and check out your product descriptions. The words and information you choose to write in them can help sell an item or turn someone away.  And bonus, it's really not that hard at all to write an effective description. You just need to know your product and your target market well.

These articles below have some great information on the different features of an effective description.  Combining great marketing, great products, and great descriptions can be the perfect combination for a great online store!

11 Ways to Write a Killer Product Description … scription/

Six Things to Consider When Writing Product Descriptions … scriptions

How to Spruce Up Your Ecommerce Product Descriptions … criptions/

You can do it!

Rebecca G.

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