Sunday, May 5, 2013

"I'm sooooo confused!"....Your first site-wide sale.

 Hello again!

While everyone is getting their shop ready for the big might be one of the ones that is still wondering how to participate.  Don't worry. I was right there with you. Seriously.

So in an effort to not "reinvent the wheel"...I've taken the liberty to just link some great threads and info for you that I found very useful.

And please...if you have any questions about how the sale works...the forums on TpT are always there for you!  There are a couple threads already on there that have been started by people with questions...just add yours!

Basic info:

The sale is this week on Tuesday and Wednesday (May 7-8).  The promo code (for customers) is TAD13.

If you want to add more of a discount besides the site's 10% discount, you need to go to the "Throw a Sale" section in your dashboard. It will walk your right through it...very user friendly!

From the newsletter:
Teacher Appreciation Site-Wide Sale
It's coming! It's coming! The next two-day sale is May 7-8 (beginning at 12:01 EDT on Tuesday morning and ending at midnight in Hawaii on Wednesday night). We ask that you hold off promoting the sale until Sunday, May 5, and then promote like crazy!


It's easy to join the sale. Simply throw your own sale on the same days by using this tool (also linked from your Dashboard under Marketing & Promotion). You can set it up as soon as you like.

We are offering a promo code for 10% off, which will be in addition to the up-to-20% you can take off your products. That means up to 28% off 1000s of products. (The reason it's up to 28% off and not 30% is because our 10% comes off your already discounted prices.) Our Promo Code is TAD13.

Tip: If you notice that your sale doesn't "stick" or not all of your chosen products are appearing on sale, delete and reset your sale until it displays properly.

Almost all of the Top Sellers will be participating and heavily promoting this sale. You can promote it by placing the sale banners on your blogs, Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. The more you promote it, the better everyone will do. We will announce it in the Sunday, May 5 "10 FREE Downloads" newsletter.

Sellers have found that joining the rare site-wide sales is a great way to get new followers, feedback, and, most especially, record-breaking sales.

And here are some good links to look over the next couple of days:

From the forum....a question that was posed on the last sale in February:

Here is the banner link that was given by TpT so you can (if you want) download and put in your store:

And here are some things that were learned (and then shared) by sellers on the last sale:

Hope this helps some!  Good luck and much success to you and your store during this big event!


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