Sunday, May 19, 2013

Business 101: Thad Thigglemeyer and His "Rule of Threes" Pin- Part Three in a Series

Veni, Vedi, Vici....

Paper, rock, scissors....

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice....

What do these THREE phrases have in common? Yep...that's right....they are famous quotes AND they all have THREE words in them.  Because three truly is a "magic" number...(thank you,"Schoolhouse Rock"!)

When I was doing improvisational comedy, back in the of the few rules you needed to remember was the "Rule of Threes". And after a few horribly, awkward moments of "crickets chirping" when you were on stage, you learned VERY quickly about the "Rule of Threes".  Now, what I am about to tell you will mess up your sitcom viewing for all've been warned.

Most GOOD (need to qualify that) sitcom shows on TV follow that rule.  Just watch.  An actor will state three things in order...with the last one being the funniest.  Another may do three things in a row...with the last one being the funniest.  Still there may be three incidents that are happening during the course of the show....

But that's not all....look at these....

The Three Little Pigs. Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Three Blind Mice.

Those are other examples...because comedy isn't the only place that uses the "Rule of Threes".  Authors, advertisers, businesses....use this simple concept.

Why? Because the human brain can remember THREE things easily.  This well-tested theory simply states that two is not enough...and four or more is too much for people to remember.  Our brain works well with LIKES threes.

So what does this have to do with your pins on Pinterest? Quite a bit.

If you are of the belief that pinning a whole smackload of pins at one time is good...think again.  Besides clogging up the main feed of some of your have overloaded their brains into "THIS IS TOO MUCH INFO".....making your pins less effective.

Keep in mind,a lot of your pins are going to be seen by followers immediately on their main feed. "FEED" them in threes. And even better ....feed them in AWESOME threes!

What's an AWESOME three?  Here are THREE examples....

1)Blog post on bears, cute bear picture, YOUR Tpt game about Bears.

2)Funny cartoon about shapes in math, news story about teaching perimeter, YOUR "Find the Radius" activity.

3)DIY on how to make gummy worms, A funny picture with gummy worms, YOUR printable "gummy worm" bulletin board pieces

"BUT how I am supposed to pin those?", you ask. "Most of my boards only want my products and nothing else!!", you yell. "Please show me", you whisper. Because you like doing things in threes now.....

In order to do the "awesome three" pinning on " specific niche" will have to open a tab for each thing you are going to pin.  Then select an appropriate board for each pin. (Ex: The DIY gummy worm pin could go on your "Fun Things to Make" board. The funny picture could go on your "humor" board. And the printable gummy worm pin could go on your "First Grade Fanatics and Fun" board. )Pin as quickly as you can so your three things stay together...or at least very close together on the main feed page.  You say you don't have extra boards for your new kind of pins? Make them!  You could easily  even have ONE board for your extra pins...Call it..."Extra Pin Board" or something equally as boring.

Now, if you are on a board that allows for pinning of all kinds of things....THERE YOU GO! Use the "RULE OF THREES" on that board by pinning your pins together....

And THREE of your products pinned together is NOT optimal UNLESS......there is a VERY,VERY specific common theme.

Good: First grade Geometry lesson, First grade geometry cut-outs,  First grade geometry game

Not so good: First grade bookmarks, First grade science unit on butterflies, First grade homophone game

So there you go.....better pinning...means better results.

So get out there and pin some "threes"!.... ON YOUR MARK!......GET SET!!!!......GO!!!!

And I've included some links to articles on the subject that you might like too!


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