Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Business 101-Polly Piper Pinned the Perfect Pin-(Part One of a Series)

This is part one of a series about Pinterest pinning that will be broken down into "easy-to-digest", bite-size pieces.  I know how it is at the end of a school year and I'm sure your brains could probably use a break.

This first part will deal with how the human brain actually uses Pinterest...and how that relates to your pins.

We'll begin with a very simple exercise. 

Go to your main feed on Pinterest. This is where ALL the pins from the boards you follow are being pinned.

Now...once you have gotten to your main feed, I want you to:

1) Stare at the word "Pinterest" at the top. Don't take you eyes off the word. If your eyes go a little fuzzy...even better.

2) a pretty good pace...not super, super fast...start scrolling down the board...BUT STILL KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE WORD!

3) As you are scrolling, just make a mental note of the characteristics of the pins that are capturing your attention.  Don't look at them...but just mentally note their size, color, visual...anything.

4) Do this for about 30 seconds.


Answer these questions...

1) What size were the ones that attracted your eyes?

2)What colors attracted your eyes?

3) Can you remember any "pictures" in the pins that stood out..even with "fuzzy" eyes?

4) Can you remember anything about the ones that did not attract your attention?

These are important things to keep in mind when choosing your visual that will be pinned...most namely...your cover.

Pinterest creates a lot of "static" visually. Meaning, your brain doesn't have the capability to soak up all the information on the page of pins at one time, so the visual part of your brain picks and chooses for it to prioritize. The bigger the size...the louder the color...the more appealing the visual is....the more attention it's going to receive both consciously and unconsciously....and the more likely it's moved to the "front of the line" for the prioritizing.  Think of the eye as a "gatekeeper" secretary for the big boss "THE BRAIN".

So what does this mean for you?  It means that if you don't want to be part of the "visual static" on HAVE to create pins that stand out. Otherwise....your time and energy pinning aren't being used as efficiently or effectively as you would probably like.

Find one of the boards you have pinned on recently (last day or so) the same exercise. Don't peek at the board....just scroll through and see if any of your pins stand out. This will at least give you a starting point. (And keep in mind, they could possibly stand out because your brain has already received "priority" on these from the neurons spent creating them).

Remember back in the day, when people would post things on the bulletin board at the grocery store?  And over time, there would just be this MASSIVE amount of paper announcements, lost and found ads, coupons, the works?  There would still be that ONE that would catch your eye...even in all that visual chaos.  It's the same on Pinterest.

Stand out!  It's better to have one REALLY, REALLY good pin...than twenty "eh" pins.    REALLY, REALLY good pins get repinned...which is how your name gets out to MANY people.

Hope this gave you some insight to your individual pins....they'll be more articles in the coming days about pinning effectively.

I linked some articles about the subject below....enjoy!


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