Sunday, May 19, 2013

Business 101: Fiona Frogmouth takes a Pinning Field Trip-Part Four of a Series

Today, we’re going  to take a field trip to the Pin Marketing Museum. 
You’ll be able to observe:

1)    Popular Pins in their Habitat
2)    Educational Pins in their Habitat
3)    Your Pins in their Habitat
4)    The Viral Pin and it’s Life Cycle
5)    Top Follower "Wranglers"

You’ll also be able to stop at the gift shop on the way out to get some fun goodies to remember your trip.
So here we go…..

First stop….POPULAR PINS!  These pins have been viewed many times and are real crowd pleasers! Please note the visual styles, the descriptions, and the amount of repinning  on these pins.

Next stop…EDUCATIONAL PINS! These have been randomly selected but still have gained some popular attention while on exhibit. Again, note the visual styles, descriptions, and the ones that are getting repinned the most.

Moving on to….YOUR PINS!  You’ll have to go in here alone…but simply click under your name on the phrase “YOUR PINS" …it will take you directly to the page that contains all the pins you have been pinning.  Note which pins are getting the most repinning action and on what boards that is occurring.  Also observe the percentage of your pins that are getting repinned. Useful knowledge you can revisit at your leisure.


Now beware…this next stop is the home of “VIRAL PINS" ….these pins have gone CRAZY! Note their characteristics and the life cycle…interesting stuff! … g-solution

And thanks to "Fun with Language" on another thread...

And finally…meet  some of the TOP PINNERS who have wrangled a ton of followers….inspirational! Plus, you can find more “pin exhibits"   on here too!

Well… that concludes our field trip. You’ve been a great audience. Please stop at the gift shop below and pick up some fun goodies to help remember your trip! … -business/


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