Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TpT Keywords

Today, SoS on TpT is pleased to welcome guest blogger Derrick Brown. Derrick has analyzed the Top 100 keywords for Teachers Pay Teachers - valuable information for sellers! Here are some of his findings:

What Was Discovered?
What are the “strongest” keywords on TpT?

1.     free downloads
2.     sellers - deanna jump
3.     math
4.     sellers - kim adsit
5.     language arts - hunger games
6.     languages - spanish
7.     reading
8.     language arts - writing
9.     language arts - poetry
10.   language arts - reading comprehension
11.   science
12.   language arts - grammar
13.   math - fractions
14.   back to school
15.   language arts - vocabulary
16.   keyword
17.   weather
18.   smartboard
19.   language arts - main idea
20.   math - place value

Neither #1 nor #2 are surprises, but #3 (math) was certainly a surprise to me – because I do not see much math content being sold on TpT!

What Might The Discovery Mean?
Here's how I interpret "math" being the #3 category: I know that language arts products dominate TpT sales, so if "math" is such a prevalent search term, that may mean that TpT's community craves innovative math content – but may not be finding the type of math content that they seek.

This insight can motivate a math content provider to focus their publishing efforts on trying to fill that void!

How Was The Keyword Strength Index Developed?
I analyzed the top keywords list Paul Edelman distributed earlier this Summer by making an electronic list of all 1000 top TpT search terms, and by then consolidating related terms into categories. For example, the separate terms "free", "download", "downloads" and "Downloads"  were all placed in one category called "free downloads".

Once the consolidation was done, I used Microsoft Excel to count the number of times "free downloads" and other categories were ranked in the Top 100. The more times a category appeared in the rankings, the stronger that category is. Likewise, categories with rankings closer to #1 are stronger.

I then developed a math formula that measured the strength of each category relative to the number of times it was ranked (its frequency), and how highly it ranked (its position).

When "free downloads" ended up at #1 after all calculations, and "deanna jump" ended up at #2, I knew that the data I had generated was accurate, and that it might yield key information to other TpT sellers.

How Can I Get The Complete Index?
You can download the complete Excel spreadsheet of the 100 top keywords at here . This list contains many more surprising insights that can help you to generate more product sales!

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  1. Do you have a list of key words for 2016-2017?


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