Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why isn't Anyone Buying my Product?

You love this resource. You created for your own classroom and your students love it! You have been using it for years with great success. So why isn't anyone buying it? There are many possible reasons for this sad state of affairs. Here are some diagnostic questions to ask yourself about your product.

Presentation on TpT is super important. Buyers cannot simply flip through the pages as they would in an educational bookstore. All they have to go on to decide whether or not to buy the product is what you give them. Here is a checklist for presentation:

  • Did I include thumbnails?
  • Does my primary thumbnail catch people's attention and make them want to see more?
  • Is my description detailed enough to tell the buyer what he or she is actually getting?
  • Did I include a free preview?
  • Is my preview helpful (a random page or two with no explanation may not be)
  • Did I give away so much in my preview that there is no reason to buy the actual product?
  • In my description or preview, or both, do I have a table of contents and/or a page/slide count?
  • Is it clear how this product would be used and purpose it serves?
  • Did I choose appropriate grade levels? If a kindergarten teacher sees a product for grades K-12, he or she may doubt that it can really cover all those grade ranges. Same for the high school teachers. 
You may also want to look at the post Product Posting DOs and DON'Ts.

The Market
Your product may not be selling because of the present market conditions. It can help to look at other, similar products to see where you might be able to make a change for better sales. Here is a marketing checklist:

  • Is my product priced too high compared to other similar products (adjusting for the size of the product)?
  • Is my product priced too low? In many buyers' minds low prices = low quality.
  • Are there many other products already listed that are similar to mine that already have high ratings? If so, what makes mine different?
  • Is my product so obscure or niche-y that very few other teachers actually need it?
  • Is my product something that is widely available for free on the internet?
  • Is it summertime, winter break, or April? Sales naturally decrease during these times - especially June and July. You might just need to wait a few weeks. 
The Product
It could be the product itself is the problem. Many products on TpT (not yours, of course, but other people's) are of poor quality. The concept may be excellent, but it has been so badly executed that few teachers want to buy it. Here is a quick checklist, but you can learn more about creating quality products here.

  • Is my product visually appealing (consider layout, fonts, clipart, color)?
  • Is my product appropriate for the grade level it is specified for (consider font size, line spacing, clip art)?
  • Is my product complete? 
  • Is my product free of errors and typos?
Sellers - got more to add? I'm sure I've missed a few!

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