Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TpT Top 100: Information and Inspiration

Did you know that you can see the Top 100 best selling products and sellers on TpT?  Checking out these lists can give you some valuable information in terms of what is selling well on TpT. Of course, the best part of the Top 100 is when you see your own name or product on it!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the TpT homepage, you will see the grey. By clicking on either of the red links at the bottom, you will have access to four Top 100 Lists:

  • Top 100 by Number Sold
  • Top 100 Highest Rated Products
  • Top 100 Sellers by Number of Products Sold
  • Top 100 Sellers by Total Earnings
The default for the list is "All Time," but you can sort the list for the year, month and week. At this time, the all time list is in real time. The year and the month lists renew on the first day of each. The weekly list changes on Sunday night at Midnight central time.

One thing to be aware of is that currently, the Top 100 is dominated by K-1 sellers and products. That can be a little discouraging for those of us who sell to the upper grades. However, it is worth noting that it has not always been that way. This is a relatively recent development. It is likely that the Top 100 will even out at least somewhat over the next year or so. It is also worth noting that the #1 all time best selling product on TpT is a unit for The Hunger Games - clearly a product for middle school and high school.

Using the Top 100
The Top 100 is a great resource for sellers. Study those sellers and products that make the list. What are they doing that you are not? How do they present their products? What kinds of products show up repeatedly on the Top 100? If you are also a buyer, the Top 100 is a great place to find those best sellers - which are likely to be quality products.

Getting your store or product onto the Top 100 is also a great goal to have. Anywhere on the list is a good thing. Getting to the Top 10, especially the All Time Top Ten puts you on the homepage and that means more product views for you! It may look like the Top Ten All Time Best Selling Products list never seems to change, but I can promise you that it does. For quite awhile, I held the four of those top spots, including the number one spot. But since then, many newer sellers have moved up. You may just develop the next product to make it to the top!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Rachel! And another great article - something many probably aren't aware of or just glance over it.

    I'm just waiting for the day to see my Hunger Games unit drop...I know it'll happen since the #1 products weekly & monthly are dominated by K-2. Oh well! It's been a great ride & I'm still shocked that a specific novel unit could ever reach the #1 in the first place. Thanks again, Rachel!

  2. I love that the number one spot has been occupied by what is essentially a niche product - it appeals specifically to upper level ELA teachers. I think that shows the power of TpT and gives all of us hope in our own little niches.

    As for that number one slot - there is a certain much anticipated movie coming out soon. Perhaps you have heard of it? I'm thinking you may hold on to it longer than you think.


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