Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TpT Followers - What are They and Why do I Want Them?

Followers are a good thing for four main reasons.

First, when someone has decided to follow you, they will receive a notification email every time you post a new product. At this time, this is probably the biggest advantage to having a lot of followers.

Second, when the TpT site redesign is implemented (which should happen very, very soon), people who have followed you will see updates from you at the top of their screens when they log in. These will include recently posted products, sales you may be having, and if you have sent them a TpT email.

Third, once a month you can send a note to your followers that they will receive in their TpT email boxes. While this is a good thing, I am not sure how many buyers actually bother to read these notes since they do not go to their regular email accounts. However, the fact that a notification about these emails will soon show up on their TpT homepages may help. You can use the TpT email to link products you want to highlight, advertise a sale, contest, or special deal, and  talk about what you are developing. At this point, this is the only way to communicate with your buyers.

Fourth, it looks good to have a lot of followers. A large number of followers shouts, "This is a great seller who lots of other people like!" Who doesn't want that?

Buyers can follow you by clicking on the green follow me box on the left side of your TpT store. So, how can you get more followers? Here are some ideas:

  • Use your "personal quote" field on the store editing page to ask people to follow you.
  • Ask people to follow you in your product descriptions
  • Ask people to follow you in your product ads
  • Ask people to follow you on your facebook or blog
  • Create a contest (using Facebook) that requires people to follow you in order to enter.
  • Participate in someone else's contest that requires people to follow you in order to enter (seller's sometimes announce these in the seller forums.)
  • And most importantly, create really stunning products and people will follow you without even having to be asked!


  1. Thank you for all the tips! I have a lot of work to do...but I'm sure it will make a difference


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  3. How do you send out those monthly emails? I am trying to find out how to do that!


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