Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Using Zip Files

Many sellers use zip files to upload their products to TpT. Zip files are a way to group several documents together and they open automatically upon download. You may want to use a zip file if:

  • You want to include more than one file or formats (for example, a PDF document and a PowerPoint)
  • Your product is very large
  • You want to include a format not supported by TpT (for example, .pub)
Creating a Zip File is easy:
  1. Select the files you wan to zip
  2. right click
  3. select send to on the pop-up menu 
  4. select compressed (zipped) file
The docs in your zip file are all copies - you will still have your originals unzipped. 

If you upload a zip file to TpT, you will need to make your own thumbnails as the thumbnail generator does not work with zip files. Another option is to choose your thumbnails from your preview as that will load into the generator as a default when the main product does not work. If you don't load any thumbnails, buyers will see the zip icon above instead of your thumbnail - not very attractive. 

Also, in the product description, be sure to tell buyers what formats are in the zip file. You don't want someone buying a format that they do not have the program to open. 

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