Saturday, May 21, 2011

Creating Your Teachers Pay Teachers Profile

Okay, now that you have TpT seller's account you are ready to create your profile! The form looks long, but remember, you don't have to fill out every field and you can always leave some for later or go back and change things later. Here are some tips and things to think about as you create your profile.

Real Name or Alias
The first decision you will have to make is the name you want to use for your store/profile. Many people use their real names (including me) and that is a fine way to go. However, there is also a large group of sellers who choose not to use their real names. A few examples include: Secondary Solutions,  Made for 1st Grade, Teachers Unleashed, and PowerPoint Maniac.  Some reasons for using an alias include:

  • You are worried that you will get in trouble with your administration/district for selling your materials online. It seems absurd to me, but there could be conflict of interests issues. 
  • You are worried about your students finding your materials, many of which include answer keys
  • You already have an established brand or business using another name.
  • You want to keep your business self separate from your personal self.
  • You are coming to TpT as a team, working with one or more other people. 
Posting a Picture
Ideally, this is a real picture of you. In discussions on the TpT seller's forums, several people have said that they like to buy from a person, not a cartoon, and certainly not the blue icon that shows up if you don't post anything at all. However, if you are choosing to sell under an alias you may want to go with the clip art option. I have seen all kinds of things - animals, school-related objects, clip art. Here is mine. I tried it for a few days but people said they liked the photo better. Whatever you choose, remember that buyers are going to associate that picture with you!

The Rest of the Profile
Not sure what to write? Looking at other sellers' profiles might give you some ideas. Here are some to start with:

Margaret Whisnant ~ Margaret's profile is a nice example of the biographical approach. 
Sunny Days ~ All those awards sure look impressive! If you earned them, don't be shy!
Wise Guys ~ Wise Guys is more about marketing than giving a biographical sketch and that is fine too. It is your profile, you can do what you want with it.
Rachel Lynette ~ Like Wise Guys, my profile is also a little heavy on the marketing, but I also managed to get some basics in there about my experience and background.
Deanna Jump ~ Deanna, the superstar #1 seller on TpT has a pretty minimal profile, so no worries if you just want to write a few sentences. Just do write something!

Hit Submit and Take a Look
Congratulations, you have a TpT profile! In a few days google will pick it up and when people google your name (or alias), it will pop right up!

You've probably noticed that your profile doesn't look like the other ones on TpT, or at least it doesn't yet. Once you add products and maybe some branding, you will be on your way! 


  1. Love your Blog! I'm glad you put it back online!
    Thanks for all your great information.

  2. How did you get a photo on your profile page on TpT? I can't seem to figure it out!
    The Meek Moose

  3. Hi Heather,

    I used this code (replace the { with <):

    {img src= "URL for Your Photo here"/}

    You'll need to upload your photo to a photo hosting site like photobucket. Then use the direct URL.

    Hope that helps,


    1. Thank you. I seem to be doing something wrong though, as now it just shows little X's where the pictures are supposed to be.
      I am attempting your style with both photos and art, since it's a joint venture between my sister an I.
      The Meek Moose


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